Report from the MLAIC Long Range World Cup

So, it is over, and we are still searching the words. It’s been only a day since we closed together the 1st MLAIC Long Range World Cup in Hungary, but we already miss our friends. Hungary volunteered for this championship in 2016, and to tell you the truth organizing this event was the toughest job we ever had. Covid and the war made it extremely difficult to plan and execute. But we have a strong team, and if you are not alone nothing is impossible. Probably the toughest time was when the World Championship was downgraded to a World Cup. But we decided that we carry on, and we’ll do the job we volunteered for if there is only one single shooter from abroad.

We would like to thank again the trust of the MLAIC Long Range Committee and of course the trust of the shooters. Organizing a match with the new long range camera system raised many questions that were all answered, and now we can clearly declare that the new system is working. It is not only working but is probably more comfortable for the shooters. During the preparation times we faced many challenges to be able to properly use the system and to respect all rules of our organization. But we did it. The match was entirely run using camera system, and no question remained at the end of the relays making scoring quick, accurate and easy.

The circumstances were very challenging: changing and tricky winds and hot weather in the last two days made it an exceptional challenge for our shooters. But you know the saying: when the game gets though, thought people start to play. And our shooters did very-very well, showing a comradeship to be highly respected, a strong and important value of MLAIC community.

I would also like to thank the valuable support of our sponsors: Davide Pedersoli is a long-time supporter of international MLAIC events. There excellent firearms allow us to shoot straight even at 1000 yards, while their financial support is a key element of the organizing budget. Lee Shaver is not only the head of the MLAIC LR Committee, but also an excellent source of knowledge about long range rifles. Lee donated two long range sight sets for us that were raffled among the contestants. LongShot, the maker of the camera systems played an important part as well. The discount we received from their prices allowed us to set up 8 shooting positions. We also have to mention the support of Capandball and Comp-Rend providing important parts of the big picture to make this beautiful event happen.

During the five-day shooting there were no issues that could not be solved easily and quickly. The experiences we gathered allows the LR Committee to word the new ruling for using camera systems on long range matches.

The support of the Hungarian Shooting Federation, Defence Sports Association, Hungarian Chamber of Hunting were also vital to make this project happen. Our biggest thanks go however to the Hungarian Army, especially to the HA Szentendre Supporting Command for all the help they provide us before and during the game.

We would like to thank our patrons for their support: General Dr. Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi, commander of the Hungarian Army, General Prof. Dr. Tamás Csikány deputy rector of the National University of Public Service, and Zsolt Fülöp, mayor of the city of Szentendre.

Let me stop now for a second and tell a few words about our Hungarian team. We’ve been working on this project for a year as volunteers. Shooting and organizing simultaneously is a hard job. You must be prepared for no rest at all to keep the range running from day to day. But our team did it in a quality that led to a successful match, and Hungary even won some bright shining medals in a strong competition. To do this, you need a different state of mind I am sure, where priorities are always our guest and to keep the show running, and only third place can be the individual ambition. And this is exceptional. We have a team that will rebuild the range for the next day after a 10-hour work shift without a word of complaint.

I would like to thank and congratulate again all the participants of the 1st MLAIC Long Range World Cup. We hope that we did our best for you! See you in 2023!

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Results: Result_300_Yard Result_500_ Yard Result_500_Yard Result_600_Yard Result_900_Yard Result_1000_Yard

Balázs Németh, Head of the organizing committee

Pál Törőcsik, Chairman

Szilárd Venczel, Secretary General