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Traditional hunters unite

agreementThe Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters & Hunters Association has been particularly active in the preparation of legislation for blackpowder hunting. It is not an easy job to get through European bureaucracy, but Hungary finds a successful way. Hungary is the first country to represent blackpowder shooting and hunting in the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC).

Now Hungary is one step ahead again. Hungary has been always famous for its wildlife, and exceptional possibilities and culture for hunting, and the government supports hunting as it provides important income for the budget. In July 2013 a contract was signed by all the traditional hunting associations (bow hunting, falconry, black powder hunting), the heads of Hungarian hunting organizations and Dr. Zsolt Semjén, deputy prime minister of Hungary to support the culture-preserving activities of these associations, and to support their way of hunting officially. This is the first time in this country when the government has directly supported blackpowder hunting, and accepts it as an inseparable part of hunting culture of the country. This protection offered by the government is vital for blackpowder target shooters and hunters as well.

On the pic signing the contract are: Dr. Zsolt Semjén and Ottó Feiszt, chairman of the Hungarian Chamber of Hunting, In the background: Balázs Németh, member of the Commission of MLAIC, and chairman of the HBSHA.