Muzzleloading, reloading, hunting and shooting

Requirements of the rifle


First of all I recommend to use enough gun for big game hunting. Muzzleloading guns do not require a licence in Hungary, but the muzzle energy of the load must exceed 2500 Joules for red deer, mouflon and fallow deer and 1000 Joules for roe deer.

The caliber of the gun must be at least .50 and round balls are only allowed up from .54 caliber. We highly recommend keeping the shooting distance below 80 meters.

The hunter must have a valid hunter’s licence of course. The Hungarian Temporary hunting license is valid for one month. Any hunter who wants to take part in the blackpowder hunting project must contact the Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association.

More information about hunting with muzzleloaders in Hungary at: