Viva Historia – a brand new magazine for history enthusiasts


For reenactors from reenactors – this could have been the motto of this new magazine, available also in on-line and print version. The France-based editorial board has focus on nearly everythig related to past events, which formed our world today. From the early days of mankind, to the modern era, one can find great articles of about the re-living and recreating the gone days.

According to them, all themes and periods can be covered by articles: in the first issue, you can read about the 9th century Scandinavia, the 15th century Russia and the ever-populas Napoleon era. They also cover reenacting companies, so if you are interested in the Vauban-period France or the 5th century Britons, don’t miss out.

At, we wish success and many-many issues of Viva Historia!


Viva Historia can be ordered here.