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Pedersoli Jäger Hunter percussion rifle
Pedersoli Jäger Hunter percussion rifle


Pedersoli Jäger Hunter percussion rifle

Pedersoli Jäger Hunter percussion rifle

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The Jäger rifle is well known in Germany and in the neighbouring Countries especially for hunting, it was taken to the New Continent by immigrants looking for a new life in a new Country. The Jäger rifle was one the most balanced and compact rifles, very characteristic for its big caliber; equipped with double set trigger, it was very precise, able to shoot big balls having a very high energy. The Jäger rifle was first made in the flintlock version and only afterwards it was transformed to a percussion rifle. Our reproduction gives the shooter improved results due to the broached rifling as well as the lock parts produced on highly advanced computer controlled machines (CNC). The fine artistic beauty is captured in the patch box with sliding lid, in the American walnut wood and completed with steel furniture and fittings which create a strong image for this rifle.

It is a fine performing rifle, both for hunting and for target shooting at 50 and 100 meters.

Caliber .54
Twist 600 mm (1:24″)
Barrel’s length 711 mm
Overall length 1095 mm
Weight 3,7 kg

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