Solano target system by Historical Firearms

 tumblr_nonlob2mpr1s57vgxo4_1280During the late 19th and early 20th century miniature rifle ranges were set up by rifle clubs across the country to encourage shooting and teach marksmanship skills to men living in urban areas where they would normally have little opportunity to shoot.  These could be set up outdoors or more frequently indoors with makeshift and specially built ranges detailed in the British Army’s Musketry Regulations.

These civilian ranges were inspected and certified by the Army, with the Musketry Regulations stipulating how they were to be inspected and even having an example copy of the certificate that could be awarded.
Because of the complexity and expense of finding suitable sites and setting up 500+ yard ranges miniature 30 yard ranges were increasingly used by the British Army at drill halls and depots.  During the First World War depots behind the lines often established 30 yard miniature ranges using a variety of targets, including those laid out in the Musketry Regulations which were often elementary figure targets and scaled down versions of the full sized classification targets used on large army ranges.

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