Shooting the World War II Colt 1911A1 45ACP pistol

colt1911A1009If we talk about semi auto pistols I am sure that all of us will have an opinion about the 1911. This pistol is in fact one of the very first designs, and if we can argue about its effectivity today, that simply means that this pistol is still competing against all the modern designs of our current century. I strongly believe that these arguments are already enough to proof how ingenious John Moses Browning was designing this excellent service pistol.

I think this pistol is something we all know. The Colt 1911 pistol is an icon, just like the Luger P08, or Mauser C96. Here is my impression about a true World War II veteran, a 1911A1 produced by Remington in 1944. History, specifications, test firing Capandball style.