Shooting a repro Skoda M15 mountain gun

Now that’s a special historical shooting experience. Shooting live ammo with a reproduction Skoda 7,5 cm M15 Gebirgskanone (mountain gun) straight from the 1st World War.The original of these guns were intended to be used in special circumstances, where transportation of heavier pieces was impossible. The original had a firing rate 6-8 shots per minute, its weight was only 630 kg and could be dismaunted into 6 main parts. It’s crew was 7 soldiers. The barrel had a high elevation (50 degrees), and another 10 degrees of depression, highly suitable for mountain use. The maximum range of this piece was 8300 meters. This Skoda M15  mountain gun repro was made in Hungary, and for legal reasons it is a muzzle loader. Its service charge is 100 g of black powder and a 70 g  projectile. The muzzle energy is cca 4400 J.