New videos in our Muskets and tirailleurs series


We’ve uploaded two new videos to our Capandball YouTube channel. The second part of the Musket and tirailleurs series is about the detailed history of the French 1777 and the Austrian 1798 musket, highlighting the differences and specialties of each.


The third part is a super cool experimental archaeology: we recreated the original cartridges and check their effectiveness against a single enemy soldier at various distances. The results are shocking: not just the huge (over 11 g of black powder!) recoil, but the accuracy as well.

You can watch the videos by clicking on the picture above or try these links below:

Muskets and tirailleurs Part 1/3. The French 1777 musket

Muskets and tirailleurs Part 2/3. The Austrian 1798 M musket vs the French 1777 musket

Muskets and tirailleurs Part 3/3. Musket range tests with Napoleonic times service loads


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