New product from Capandball: hunter’s pouch from the 18th century

The gun case on the photos and on the short video is not a product of the modern age’s creativity, but growes its roots back to the 18th century. Universal gun cases suitable for use as pouch were so popular in those times. Similar ones were used in the „kaiserlich und königlich” army, by the snipers of the frontier-guards for the Jägerstützen and Doppelstützen rifles. These precise guns were quiet valuable, therefore the army paied special attention to their preservation. Similar pouches can be seen on many hunting related pictures from the 18-19th century. It could protect the rifle from snow, rain etc. on the other hand it could be used to carry the small game bagged.

Left: frontier-guard sniper with pounch

Left: frontier-guard sniper with pounch on his left side

The use of this kind of bag is still reasonable in our age. It is enough to hide the barrel by a thin leather cover, and we can carry our belongings from/at the hunting ground as one unit – no need to handle a gun case and a possible’s bag one by one, and while we protect the gun, we meet the legislation also.


This bag is made of high quality, soft but durable cowhide. Handmade in Hungary by a professional leather worker, and also our excellent shooter-hunter fellow makes them for us. A „borsone” found in an Italian museum and categorised as „kaiserlich und königlich” frontier-guard’s pouch served as template. No anachronic parts of elements were used – we did our best to manufacture this bag the way according to the period. The sewing only was done by machine and not by hand. The design ensures that more heavy-barreled rifles (e.g. Pedersoli Mortimer, Missouri River Hawken, Tryon etc.) are fixed securely.