Latest and useful information about the World Championships in Sarlóspuszta

Dear Delegates, Team Captains, Shooters,

Please find the following important information about the World Championships:

  1. Traveling with black powder arms into Hungary

Later today each team will receive the personalized official invitation letter by email. This document is both in English and Hungarian. Please print this letter and all your A2 forms, sign them by the team captain, and stamp it by your association. These documents will be the proofs that you are arriving for the World Champs.

If you are an EU citizen, and you have your guns in your European firearms pass, please also bring the document with you.

According to the Hungarian firearms laws (Act XXIV of 2004 and the Administration Decree 253/2004) muzzle loading firearms are considered antique arms, therefore no license is necessary to enter or exit Hungary.

  1. Traveling into Hungary with black powder and caps

In Hungary black powder and caps are licensed. According to EU wide regulations black powder has a dual status: it is firearms propellant and explosive also. It is illegal to bring black powder and caps into Hungary. I would like to strongly ask you to not cross the border with caps and powder. If you have not ordered caps and powder for your team, you can still do it in limited quantities.

The ordered black powder and caps will be distributed from the morning of the 13th August, Saturday.

  1. Invoicing

Your team invoices will be sent out to you directly today. If you have not done so, please transfer the registration costs to the bank account mentioned on the invoice.

  1. Startlist, final program

The (hopefully) final practice and competition schedule will also be published later today on the MLAIC website.

  1. Some useful information about the ranges

  • We are shooting on Krüger targets

  • The targets are not under cover

  • From the morning till 13:00 PM the targets are in direct sunlight after that in shade

  • There is not a minute when we have the target in partial shade/sunlight. The target picture is always clear of disturbing shadows at both 25, 50 and 100m

  • The height of the center of the target at 25 and 50 m is 140 cm

  • At the 100 m range we are shooting from the ground. The ground is covered with running carpet, so I suggest you to bring your shooting mat with you.

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