„Darwin – AKA survived mistakes”

I open our new „Darwin – AKA survived mistakes” column with this post. We welcome our reader’s stories and photos about similar cases at the  event@kapszli.hu address. Or the more appropriate e-mail address would be afterevent@kapszli.hu. Maybe I will create it.

.30-06 Sprg ≠ .300 Win. Mag

On the top a .300 Win Mag case, below a .30-06

The 30-06 caliber cartridge case – picked up by my friend – shows the characteristic marks of having been shot in a 300 Win. Mag. chambered rifle. The case head was visibly supported by the breach face (it would not have gone off if had not been supported and not grabbed by the extractor), and the shoulder moved forward, filling the 300 WM caliber chamber. The case wall couldn’t withstand the expansion to the larger diameter, and split open. Sure that the hair of the shooter was flowing by the escaping gases. I am happy that no trouble happened.

Emil Hamza

9 February 2020