1st Hungarian Long-Range Black Powder Cartridge Grand Prix

Dear Long Range Black Powder Cartridge Shooters of Europe,

Calling to all the black powder cartridge shooters of Europe! So, you are one of those very few who know the secret of the old-time buffalo hunters? You are among the small group of people who know that a Sharps, a Rolling Block, a Trapdoor, a High Wall or any other single shot rifle from the 19th century can hit that gong at distances scoped rifle modern time shooters would say impossible? Then your turn is now: join the club of long-range black powder shooters in Europe, and head towards Hungary in August.

On behalf of the Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association we would like to invite you to Hungary to participate at the 1st Hungarian Long Range Black Powder Cartridge Grand Prix.

The event is organized according to the rules of the Muzzle Loaders Associations International Confederation. The competition will be shot parallel to the 50th Anniversary MLAIC Muzzle Loading Long Range World Cup. More info about the 1st Muzzle Loading World Cup shot parallel to the Grand Prix: https://mlaic.org/2022/03/04/mlaic-long-range-world-cup-hungary/ 

The place of the event: Izbég/Szentendre, Hungary

The date of the competition: 1-7 Aug 2022.

Printable official invitation.

Entry fees:

  • Entry fee for the complete BPCR Grand Prix: 200 EUR
  • Late entry (after 15th July 2022) 250 EUR
  • Closing banquet: 50 EUR

Link for online registration:


Supporters of the event:

  • Davide Pedersoli

  • Capandball.com – The Capandball YouTube Channel
  • Lee Shaver gunsmithing, the single shot specialist

  • Hungarian Shooting Federation
  • Hungarian Ministry of Defence
  • Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association
  • Pál Törőcsik


  • 300y, 3 convertible sighters, 10 shots to count
  • 500y, 3 convertible sighters, 10 shots to count
  • 600y, 3 convertible sighters, 10 shots to count
  • 900y, 5 convertible sighters, 15 shots to count
  • 1000y, 5 convertible sighters, 15 shots to count


  • Individual BPCR match for each distance
  • Mid-range aggregate BPCR: 300-500-600y
  • Long range aggregate BPCR 900-1000y
  • Grand aggregate

Firearms: Any pre 1894 single shot rifle and pre 1894 percussion breech loading rifles. Originals or reproductions in the same class. Only open sights (iron sights and diopters, but if at least 4 competitors indicate they would like to shoot with contemporary optics, the Vintage optic category will be opened as well).

Cartridges: Only black powder charged pre 1894 cartridges are to be used on the match, only paper patched or grease grooved lead and lead-tin bullets are allowed.

Scoring: scoring will be done by using Longshot LR-3 long range camera systems. Please bring tablets and or smart phones with power banks for using the scoring system. Both Apple and Android systems are welcome, the faster your tablet is, the better it will fit for tracking scores thru the downloadable application of the camera system.

Competition schedule:

1st June 2022 –                                             Last day for registration (late entry until 15th July 2022)

1st Aug 2022, Monday –                             300 yards practice and competition (4-5 relays)

1st Aug 2022, Monday, evening –             Opening ceremony

2nd Aug 2022, Tuesday –                            500 yards practice and competition (4-5 relays)

3rd Aug 2022, Wednesday –                       600 yards practice and competition (4-5 relays)

4th Aug 2022, Thursday –                           900 yards practice and competition (4-5 relays)

5th Aug 2022, Friday –                                 1000 yards practice and competition (4-5 relays)

6th Aug 2022, Saturday, evening –            Closing banquet, ceremonies

Each competition day shall start with 2 hours of practice to sight in the rifles for the day’s distance.

Target sizes:

At 500 – 1000-yard distances the height of the targets shall be 150 cm in each case.

Shooting rules:

All events shell be shot from the prone or sitting position, rifle can be supported at one spot under the barrel.

In general, MLAIC’s long-range shooting rules apply (chapter 7): https://mlaic.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/MLAIC-Rules-202012.pdf

Awards: medals, diplomas, special prices

As a donation from Lee Shaver, a long range gunsight set will be subject of a draw among the BPCR participants of the match. As a donation of Capandball, the winners of the aggregate competitions shall receive a commemorative US Arsenal stadiametric range finder reproduction by Capandball.

Firearms legislation in Hungary:

  • All centre or rimfire cartridge arms are considered firearms therefore are subject to legislation. Importation of such firearms are to be done with holding European Firearms Pass.
  • All percussion breech loaders and muzzle loading guns are free in Hungary above the age of 18, so no license is needed for entering the country with such weapons
  • In both cases, please print this official invitation when entering the country.


Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association

Head of the organizing committee:                       Pál Törőcsik, Balázs Németh, Szilárd Venczel

Official email of the event:                       registration@meflsz.hu

Address:            1044 Budapest, Kálvin János u. 35. HUNGARY

Bank:                  OTP Bank, Hungary

Bank address:   1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16. HUNGARY

IBAN:                  HU87 117040072019923600000000

BIC/Swift:          OTPVHUHB


Shooting range information:

The competition will be shot at the military shooting range of Izbég, close to the village of Szentendre. The range is located at a distance of 10-minute drive from the historic centre of Szentendre, and 30-minute drive from the centre of Budapest.

Coordinates of the military shooting range at Izbég: 47.69776307535956, 19.016162487806092

Orientation of the range: shooting from South-East to North-West.

The area behind and before the targets will be cleared from vegetation and will be covered with wood chips so the impact of shots missing the target will be visible. The distance between targets will be 3 m. Targets will be marked with large enough numbers in white, black and red to ease quick identification.

The shooting range is located only 5 km from the historic center of Szentendre (10-minute drive), and 23 km from the center of Budapest (30-minute drive).

Travel and accommodation information

Szentendre is a riverside town in Pest County, Hungary, between the capital city Budapest and Pilis-Visegrád Mountains. The town is known for its museums (most notably the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum), galleries, and artists. Due to its historic architecture and easy rail and river access, it has become a destination for tourists staying in Budapest. There are many facilities, including souvenir shops and restaurants, catering to these visitors. Szentendre has been the home of generations of Hungarian artists since the early 20th century. Szentendre Artists’ Colony worked in the northern part of the town. There are many museums and contemporary galleries representing the rich traditions of the visual art. Szentendre is best known for its Mediterranean vibes, Baroque architecture, history of Serbian residents, Hungarian folklore stores, and extensive art scene, both old and modern.

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