1100 years of huntig in Hungary

Dear All,

We have just finished a large project. We have been working on an exhibition with my curator friends for the Museum of Agriculture of Budapest to display the hunting arms of 1100 years of Hungarian history. We’ve been working on the content and concept for nearly a year.

Our exhibition is a hunting trail, and a journey through time – from the era when the Magyar tribes settled in the Carpathian Basin, up to the present day. Even today hunting still begins with hunter and quarry being close enough to each other for the senses of sight, hearing and smell to come into play, just as was so one thousand years ago.

This is the first time that the most beautiful works of art from the collections of the Ministry of Defence’s Military History Institute and Museum, the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture, the Hungarian National Museum. Together these paint a detailed picture of the history of Hungarian hunting, the likes of which has not been seen before.

Curators: Balázs Németh – University of Public Service, Ákos Sánta – Széchenyi Zsigmond Hunting Museum, Hatvan, Péter Soós –  Ministry of Defence, Military History Institute and Museum, Budapest, Project manager: Eszter Zöldi

As Covid overwrote all our plans we created a digital scan of the exhibition as a teaser. If things will get worse again, we will add more info to the following 3D view. Check all the points of interest, we’ve hidden many textual and video content for you. Created by Newdoor Communications Kft.

Best regards,