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Uberti 1871 Rolling Block Carbine .45-70
Uberti 1871 Rolling Block Carbine .45-70


Uberti 1871 Rolling Block Carbine .45-70

Uberti 1871 Rolling Block Carbine .45-70

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The Remington Arms Company has a letter from George Armstrong Custer extolling the virtues of his Remington Rolling Block Sporting Rifle. In fact legend has it that Custer was carrying his faithful Rolling Block at Little Big Horn. The Rolling Block was produced as a military full-stock musket target rifle buffalo gun and even as a shotgun. The small-framed version was the “New Model N°4” and Uberti has used its inspiration for a 22” barrelled carbine and the 26” barrelled rifle.

Uberti produces the 1871 Rolling Block Carbine with modern metals and more precise manufacturing methods, so the rifle is strong enough to handle today’s ammo, but is only one-third the size and weight of the original.

The rolling block design is one of the simplest actions ever produced. Very reliable and precise, so it’s a perfect choice for wild hunting.

The product can be sold only for suitable firearms license within the European Union. The product can be shipped only in special circumstances and only within the EU or can be picked up at our store.

Caliber .45-70
Twist right, 6 grooves
Barrel’s length 560 mm (22″)
Overall length 914 mm (36″)
Weight 2 kg

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