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Pedersoli Frontier Flintlock Rifle .54 KIT
Pedersoli Frontier Flintlock Rifle .54 KIT


Pedersoli Frontier Flintlock Rifle .54 KIT

Pedersoli Frontier Flintlock Rifle .54 KIT

Item number: K.266-54
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The KIT version of the well known Frontier flintlock rifle. The metal parts are in the white, the stock is rough, unfinished.

This replica, stocked in select American maple, or walnut, reproduces faithfully the original rifles produced during the golden age of the American long rifle (1760-1840). As with the squirrel rifles of this period, renowned for their accuracy at any range, this model reveals meticulous working of all metal parts and of the stock.

The octagonal rifled barrel is rust brown colour finished. The rifle is provided with adjustable double set triggers. Trigger guard and butt plate are made of brass, lock and fittings are colour case hardened.

The maple models are available in the Deluxe version, with patch-box.

Ideal for target shooting or wild hunting.

Caliber .45 .50 .54
Twist 1200 mm (1:48”) 1200 mm (1:48”) 1660 mm (1,65”)
Barrel’s length 990 mm 990 mm 990 mm
Overall length 1390 mm 1390 mm 1390 mm
Weight 3,2 kg 3,5 kg 3,4 kg

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Suggested black powder loads: Download…

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