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Pedersoli 1798 Austrian flintlock infantry musket
Pedersoli 1798 Austrian flintlock infantry musket


Pedersoli 1798 Austrian flintlock infantry musket

Pedersoli 1798 Austrian flintlock infantry musket

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On 1792 Austria was involved in the Wars of Revolution and of the Empire; the War Ministry in Vienna had to face a new way to fight the Revolution corps, based on the need to quickly move the troops and on new infantry tactics. The belief was that the reason for the French victories was due to their Model 1777 musket, so at the end of the First Italian Campaign, a commission was charged to adopt new guns for the Austrian army. On the 26th of July 1798 came the new model that even if inspired by the French model, has other typical Austrian features, like the voluminous front band, the ramrod with a new profile and the long bayonet with four edges. The musket Model 1798 is a well-made gun, very strong and for some points it is better than its French progenitor. The stock is made of walnut, steel metal furniture, except the bands, the trigger guard and the pan that are made of brass.

Ideal for historical re-enactment and target shooting.

Caliber 17,5 mm ( .69)
Twist simacsövű
Barrel’s length 1135 mm
Overall length 1510 mm
Weight 4,7 kg

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