New Capandball products for sale: authentic patch knife and handforged fire striker

New hand-made product are available at our store. We’re proudly present you these high quality, authentic and really practical everyday tools: an patch knife used to prepare the load for the gun and a fire striker to made the historical reenactment camp life more realistic.



Authentic patch knife

20 €





Back in the days, hunters used a patch knife to make patches for the load. The cloth was placed on the muzzle crown and on the top, the lead ball, so the fabric was cut around the barrel, forming the patch.

This little reproduction is very handy if you plan a little time travel with your rifle. Made of forged steel, it even can serve as a fire striker with a piece of flint. The edge is not sharp yet, due to shipment safety issues.


Handforged fire striker

19 €



Authentic reproduction of the fire striker used in centureis ago. You just need a piece of char cloth and flint (and a little practice) to get some sparks and start a fire. We recommend this little tool for reenactors an as a gift as well.


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