New products: civil war time cartridge boxes for combustible envelope cartridges

cartridge box 31 cover cartridge box 44 2 cartridge box 36 1

We have got something new for you. It’s been a long time since I was experimenting various designs for Civil War time revolver cartridge boxes. Here is the result of the project. Now we have them on stock for sale. I did experiment with various ideas, but decided to stick with the original wood block design. These cartridges boxes are the close reproductions of the original packages for combustible envelope cartridges.

The cardboard sleeve is manufactured on a 100 years old Heildelberg Windmill letterpress machine. The same technology that was used in the 19th century.

They accept 6 pre-rolled paper cartridges. We have currently 3 versions: .44, .31 and .36 caliber, but in a few weeks we’ll have the .31 caliber version as well.

The .36 cal version:

The .44 cal version:

The .31 cal version:

Please note that the dummy cartridges in the picture are not part of the offer, and neither the revolvers are. One package contains 2 pieces .44 or .36 cartridge box. The price of one package is 12 USD (6 USD / cartridge box). The shipping cost to the US or EU is 6 USD.

You can order them currently via e-mail:, or directly through our website after registration. Here are the direct links to the products:

.44 cal:

.36 cal

.31 cal: