Clay target shooting at Sarlóspuszta, Hungary


An excellent clay-day with some fun time

And them we said it cannot go on like this. It’s been 20 years of black powder shooting in Hungary, and we still never had any real activity in muzzle loading clay target shooting. I guess we were just waiting for the right moment to start.

We have quite a few excellent target shooters, but we never really pushed the clay events, although it is very close to the hunters’ heart. This was the point when one of us decided to take the lead and organize some fun shooting clay-days to attract new comers.

Yesterday we spent a beautiful day at the Sarlóspuszta ranges, home of next year’s World Championships. Here you can find 4 clay target ranges suitable for MLAIC style shooting. The range itself is designed to meet the highest standards of Olympic and non Olympic clay shooting events, so I am sure it will be a good choice for us as well.

Clay target shooting has a special taste. It’s not quite like when you’re shooting precision events, but you talk with your friends continuously, helping, joking, enjoying every bit of the day. And sometimes it really does not matter how many clay you break. The goal – at lest for me, the weakest link in the chain – is to have fun.

We spent the full day burning powder with two English original double sporting guns, and two single barrel repros. The repros won this time, but we won’t give up. :) Next time we’ll take the lead.

As we were at the same place where the 2016 World Championships will happen, I thought you might be interested is seeing some pictures from this traditional holiday resort and shooting range. The hotel itself offers so many recreation possibilities. I am sure you’ll have a great time if you plan to participate in next year’s main black powder event.

4 clay ranges ready for MLAIC events

4 clay ranges ready for MLAIC events