Civil war boxes are back in stock!

These cartridges boxes are the close reproductions of the original packages for combustible envelope cartridges. The cardboard sleeve is manufactured on a 100 years old Heildelberg Windmill letterpress machine. The same technology that was used in the 19th century. They accept 6 pre-rolled paper cartridges. We have currently 3 versions: .44 caliber, .31 and .36 caliber.

cartridge box 31 cover    cartridge box 44 1    cartridge box 36 1

Also, we designed and started the manufacturing of the Richmond Arsenal version of the combustible envelope cartridge boxes for percussion revolvers. The hardwood block has 7 holes, like the originals, to hold 6 cartridges + 7 caps. They are available in .44 caliber in .36 version also.

cs_cartridge_boxconf44_3    cs_cartridge_boxconf36_6

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